“Stained Glass” Hanukkah Cookies

Happy December everyone! Here’s a fun Hanukkah recipe!

Hanukkah Cookies from Anna Mortillaro on Vimeo.

Equipment: 1 baking sheet, parchment paper, 1 bowl, 1 mixing spoon, a flat surface (to roll your cookie dough out on), 1 small knife, 1 cup, and 1 rolling pin

Ingredients: Sugar cookie mix (and the flour, butter, and eggs that your cookies require), and Jolly Rancher hard candies


  1. Mix together your sugar cookie ingredients as directed on the box/bag that you picked for this recipe. (My cookies used 3 Tbsp of added flour, 1 stick of butter, and 1 egg)
  2. After your cookie ingredients have formed a soft dough, spread some flour on a flat surface and on your rolling pin
  3. Roll your dough out until flat and about 1/4 of an inch thick
  4. Using the rim of an upside down cup, cut out your cookie circles
  5. Using your small knife, cut out your symbols inside your cookies, discarding the dough from the center of your shapes (this dough can be used again to make more cookies!)
  6. Place your cookies on a sheet of parchment paper on your baking sheet
  7. Place 1 Jolly Rancher inside the shape cut into each cookie
  8. Bake at 375 degrees (F) for 5-7 minutes
  9. Let your cookies cool for 10-20 minutes
  10. Enjoy your cookies and Happy Hanukkah!



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