Halloween Ghost Cupcakes

With Halloween just around the corner I decided to make a simple recipe for cupcakes. Its super easy, super fun, and super cute!

Equipment: 1 Cupcake pan, paper or tin foil baking cups, 1 bowl, a spoon and a knife

Ingredients: Cake mix (and the eggs, water, vegetable oil, etc. that your chosen cake mix requires), icing, regular sized and mini marshmallows, candy corn or candy pumpkins (or both), sprinkles (optional), and food coloring.


  1. Combine your cake ingredients as directed on the box of your chosen cake mix
  2. Bake your cupcakes as directed on the box. You will know that they are done when a toothpick inserted into the center of a cupcake comes out clean
  3. After your cupcakes cool completely, cover the tops of your cupcakes with icing and add some sprinkles
  4. Cut the end off of a regular sized marshmallow and place it in the center of your cupcake
  5. Place a candy corn and candy pumpkin on top of the center of your marshmallow using a small dab of icing
  6. Cut a mini marshmallow in half and attach the two pieces to both sides of the candy corn or pumpkin using a small amount of icing
  7. Using a toothpick, draw a face onto the top of your marshmallow (making a face for your ghost) with food coloring.
  8. Enjoy your ghost cupcakes!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Another special appearance by my favorite game of thrones cutting board!