Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

Thanksgiving is a few days away so I decided to make a cute Turkey Day recipe!

Equipment: 1 Cupcake pan, paper or tin foil baking cups, 1 bowl, a spoon, a knife, a small ziplock bag, and a pair of scissors

Ingredients: Cake mix (and the eggs, water, vegetable oil, etc. that your chosen cake mix requires), icing (both chocolate and vanilla), Fudge Stripe Cookies, candy corn, Oreos, mini m&ms, and orange food coloring


  1. Combine your cake ingredients as directed on the box of your chosen cake mix
  2. Bake your cupcakes as directed on the box. You will know that they are done when a toothpick inserted into the center of a cupcake comes out clean
  3. After your cupcakes cool completely, cover the tops of your cupcakes with chocolate icing
  4. Cut a Fudge Stripe Cookie in half and cover one side in chocolate icing, then place the cookie on the top half of your cupcake so it looks like a rainbow
  5. Place 4 or 5 candy corns on the icing on the fudge stripe cookie, making the “feathers” of your turkey
  6. Separate the halves of two Oreos, placing the cookies with the cream on your cupcake next to one another beneath your Fudge Stripe Cookie
  7. Place one mini m&m on each Oreo completing your turkey’s eyes
  8. After mixing the orange food coloring into your vanilla icing, take a spoon and transfer two spoonfuls into the bottom corner of your ziplock bag
  9. Cut a small hole in the corner of the ziplock bag with your scissors so as to create an easy icing applicator
  10. Squeeze a small amount of icing out of the ziplock bag in between the Oreo “eyes,” making your turkey’s beak
  11. Enjoy your Turkey Day treat!

Happy Thanksgiving!